Alexa Jesse Goldberg, better known by her stage name Alexa Jesse, is a San Francisco based vocalist, song-writer, and activist.

Known for her distinctive raspy voice, authentic stage presence, and poetic, ethereal lyrics, Alexa began pursuing a music career in her mid-20s after the death of her best friend, which motivated her to overcome her history of stage fright to follow her dreams.

She gained local exposure during her years as lead singer of funk/rock band Noble Savages, performing at various iconic San Francisco venues such as Brick and Mortar, Bottom of the Hill, Neck of the Woods, and more. She co-wrote as well as sang lead and harmonies on their second album, “Now and This”.

In 2017 Alexa left the band to pursue solo endeavors, exploring the electronic music scene while she developed her artistic style and wrote her debut album.

She has collaborated with multiple local and international producers, including Denmark based Luca Giancotti (aka Himmel), Los Angeles producer NEUMA, and most recently was featured on “Go Home”, the newest release from San Jose trio, Voog.

Alexa is experienced in top-lining, recording, song-writing, as well as performing. In 2018 she worked with multiple DJs, curating her own unique set-list of original top-lined EDM tracks and cover mash-ups. Her most recent performance was alongside DJ Many More on the main stage of a 200+ sold out show at Public Works nightclub in San Francisco.

Alexa also performs acoustically at local cafes, corporate events, weddings, and house shows. Her chameleon stage presence and versatile style allows for a wide range of opportunities which she confidently and eagerly pursues.

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Since going Vegan eight years ago, Alexa’s passion for environmental and social change has been a driving force in her creative journey. She is a talented musician with a unique and varied background in Sports Marketing, Technology Sales, Health Coaching, and most recently Cannabis Advocacy and Public Speaking. Her ultimate goal is to raise awareness about world issues and empower individuals to take control of their health and pursue their passions.

Alexa has given numerous talks and workshops relating to sustainability, plant-based living, and cannabis; She led “Conscious Consumerism: A Path to Empowerment” at Burning Man 2018, educated 75+ individuals about plastic consumption at The Assembly in San Francisco in March 2018, was interviewed on the Imperfectly Vegan podcast in San Francisco, and most recently co-facilitated “Sex and Cannabis”, an event by the Ellementa cannabis organization. She actively seeks opportunities to share her story whether through music, podcast interviews, blogging, or performing.