Becoming an Entrepreneur

I’ve always had many passions. Throughout my childhood in New York I played multiple sports (softball, basketball, soccer), I danced, took piano lessons, played flute in all county orchestra, loved to write short stories and even tried acting at one point (it was not for me). After high school it was time for me to decide what career I wanted for the rest of my life. I had no clue.

I attended Penn State University and chose to study communications with a focus on advertising and public relations. I thought that advertising would allow me to utilize my creative skills and writing skills which I felt were my strengths.  Reality was strikingly different than my expectation; I discovered that I actually passionately hated advertising. Well at least I was able to cross that off the list.

Fast forward six years, I am 27 years old living in San Francisco, California. I work in sales for a wellness software company, I have a few wellness certifications and am also a singer with multiple music projects. And guess what? I STILL don’t know what I want to do! But recently I’ve realized that the reason I’ve felt confused is because I never wanted to focus on just one of my passions. Why should I have to? I love wellness, I love music, I love writing, I love fitness, and after attending an event a few weeks ago I finally realized that I can do it all.

This particular event was hosted by the MINDBODY One Community ( MB One is a network of wellness professionals brought together to learn, teach, vent, and discuss all of the trials and rewards of being a wellness/fitness professional. Most of the attendees of this first event were business owners but there were also some managers in attendance. The businesses ranged from yoga studios, to spas, fitness studios (barre, pilates, spin), children’s daycare and more. 

The presentations were packed with tons of valuable content ranging from online marketing techniques to creating a financially viable business. The lectures educated professionals about how to thrive in their field and also how to create self-care practices for themselves.  One of the common themes among wellness professionals is that while their jobs consist of tending to others, many neglect their own personal care. 

While this was a somewhat typical corporate conference, there was something different about this group of people and the intention of the event. There was an overall feeling of community and togetherness; at one point the entire group of 100+ people walked silently, connected hand to shoulder, around the streets of San Francisco. We are all connected with the common goal of spreading wellness to the people of the world. It was truly amazing to bring all of these people together!

I was inspired by each person that I met. Specifically one of the founders of MB One, Lindsay, really lit a fire in me. She gave a lecture telling her story of how she founded various companies and taught the group that we are all capable of being entrepreneurs. “Oh my gosh”, I thought, “this is me.” I am a visionary. I have SO MANY ideas crammed into my head and they are constantly flowing onto my computer but that is where many get lost. I’ve decided that when people ask me what I do or want to do, I can finally, confidently tell them that I am an entrepreneur (in training).

Lindsay’s lecture was specifically about the importance of brand strategy and it was brilliant. Up until now I had been trying to condense all of my ideas to fit one business model but that didn’t make sense. I have a wellness business and a music business and they are two completely different modalities with different goals and I need to market them that way. My pen was vigorously jotting down all the brilliant tips I could begin implementing to move my businesses forward. 

As I exited the Kabuki hotel after the event ended I had a huge smile on my face. I felt inspired, motivated, and was filled with the notion “I can do this!” We can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. My grandfather lived the American dream. People do it everyday. I have been reading a lot about entrepreneurship lately and I know it will not be easy, but I am finally ready to take the risk and make my visions a reality. I encourage you to follow your dreams, to follow our community as well as my journey; I hope together we can inspire each other and bring balance and inspiration to the world.