Eating Drought

“Plant material converts quite inefficiently into animal protein. So a single egg takes 53 gallons of water to produce. A pound of chicken, 468 gallons. A gallon of milk, 880 gallons. And a pound of beef, 1,800 gallons of water.”

To put this into perspective, the average person uses 25 gallons of water in a ten minute shower. One pound of beef is equivalent to 72 showers - more showers than a person takes in two months. Hello? Is anyone out there? Am I missing something? Does everyone just want to destroy every living being and resource on this planet?

It’s so interesting, lately I’m noticing how often people refer to me as the ‘crazy vegan chick’ as if it’s in no way offensive. It use to roll off me, “yes, thats me!” I would reply. That’s just the description of who I am. Crazy - crazy because I am an outlier, the minority? Vegan - let’s define me by my food choices because that’s normal? I guess I will start referring to people (to their faces) as that ‘grumpy, medicated guy’ and the ‘shallow, lazy woman.” Does anyone realize that my (veg) lifestyle choices are an attempt to undo the damage done by a meat-centric society? I do my part but I’m the one who pays because of others’ ignorance and selfishness and laziness. My goals: to live as long as physically possible in the best health possible, and to save our planet and all of it’s beautiful, natural resources and inhabitants. I want to create a sustainable world for future generations despite the fact that A. most of the population is destroying a chance for my future children and B. I'm not sure I even want to bring a human life onto this devastated planet. Delete me, unfriend me, unfollow me, please, and go on being ignorant but *remember* that no one can hide from starvation and suffocation.

PS. I used to eat all animals, eggs, and dairy. I used to eat A LOT of it. Every meal, every snack for pretty much every day for 22 years. I remember feelings of guilt associated with eating meat that got stronger while I was in college but I disregarded them. If your lifestyle is not in alignment with your core values you will never truly feel at peace. If you are not happy and are wondering why, seriously do some soul searching and ask yourself, are you the best version of you? Do you inspire others? Do you inspire yourself? Modifying your animal intake is so much more then a diet change. The energy absorbed is toxic and will seep into all areas of your life. Be strong and open your eyes and I promise you will not miss the darkness.

Inspired by this article.