There is a mouse in my house. It doesn’t bother me, I actually like the little guy! We only see it every couple of days, it is so tiny and cute! However, the roommates have their own opinions on how we should solve this problem. One is absolutely terrified, one already set up mouse traps, one is ambivalent, one agrees the mouse needs to go but would prefer a more humane option, and I say we gotta save him!!! I did some research on the subject.. 

Apparently there are health issues associated with a mouse in the house. Mice carry disease? In a society where we eat sick animals on the reg, this doesn’t really seem like a big threat to our house, but I understand it is probably best to not have a mouse living in our house at risk for bringing more mice.

The most common used trap is the traditional snap trap which snaps the poor fella’s neck. I work from home, and if I hear that trap snap I don’t know if I could handle it. Many times the mice don’t get killed and they have broken spines or limbs etc.. I just imagine the mouse after it’s spine is snapped but it’s still alive. We would probably just hear it squeaking, but imagine if it cried in a language that we understood? Imagine if you could hear a tiny little voice screaming “help me, please, save me…” Would that change things?

There are humane traps, and there is also a sonar device that apparently deters mice from the home! All possible options, yet there are snap traps in my kitchen... However I am on Team Mouse and he survived another day!

This brings up deeper emotions for me though. Like why, why, WHY human beings hold some animals on a pedestal and treat others like slaves. I love cats, so much, and they do get superb treatment, but not the same way dogs do. We walk dogs regularly, treat them like royalty, bring them everywhere, let them sleep in our beds, and pick up their POOP, EVERY TIME THEY POOP!? (At least in the city). These animals are kings! 

I wish I could say that I don’t have anything against dogs but I can’t help it. I know the superiority complex is not their fault. We literally torture and give zero f*cks about every other animal in existence, including dogs too. Their are mills, racing and fighting which is horrible but those are the only types of animal cruelty people in america care about.  Most of the dogs in the US live the good life.

I returned from Central America about a month ago and there are stray dogs EVERYWHERE there. I kept buying food for these dogs because they were following me around! They are emaciated, bruised, and scarred from people throwing rocks at them. It is devastating to see any animal treated cruelly but it is the norm in that culture, just like stray humans are the norm, so how can we expect anything less?

I was walking to yoga the other night and saw a homeless man sleeping on the bare sidewalk.  I wanted to do something, but like everyone else I avoided eye contact and passed by. Little does that man know my heart was breaking inside for him. My heart was also breaking for our society, in which this behavior is totally normal and sadly expected. I was angry that I could not do more, so I wrote a song about it. Expressing emotions through art, music, writing (hi) is a very therapeutic way to relieve the negative emotions and also a great way to raise awareness. It's at least a way to do something instead of nothing.

What is my point? My point is that there is no difference between me, that mouse, or that man sleeping on the street. We were all born into this world, took our first breathe of air, and opened our eyes to the same beautiful blue sky. Why do humans feel entitled? Why do we get to control the fate of other beings? Is it crazy that I dream of a world where all creatures are equal? I hope you can pause to take a breathe, to look around and see that we are all one, all connected, all pieces of a larger whole. I hope the next time you see a mouse you spare its little life <3.

Xoxo, Alexa