Whether you need soulful vocals on an existing track or fresh lyrics for your newest melody, Alexa J can help bring your song to life!


Songwriting with Vocals

(Alexa J records original lyrics on your track)

    - Initial consult to discuss theme and ideas

    - Full length song lyrics and demo with two optional edits

    - Professionally home recorded vocals with one lead track and multiple background / harmony tracks

    - Projects can be done virtually

    *Option for in studio recording for additional fee*

    $200 per song / 50% publishing rights

    Professional Vocal Demo

    (Alexa J records your lyrics)

    - Virtual or in person sessions

    - Will cater song to songwriters needs 

    - Packages available for multiple songs

    *Option for in studio recording for additional fee*

    $150 per song / 0% publishing rights

    Songwriting / Cowriting

    (Alexa J writes / cowrites lyrics for you to sing)

    - Virtual or in person sessions

    - Consult to discuss theme and direction

    - Will cater song to artists talents 

    - Lyrics and melody included

    - Does not include musical composition

    $100 per song / 50% publishing rights


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