When I was 22 years old I watched a documentary about Factory Farming that changed the way I viewed everything.

I quit meat, dairy, and caffeine immediately, and began yearning to know the truth about our health and bodies.

Prior to then I lived on endless diets, I hated my body, I never felt beautiful and I was lost.

But once I discovered the truth about what I was eating, I gained will power that I never knew existed.

I needed to know more.

I transitioned to a plant-based diet and slowly began to feel re-connected to the world around me and to my inner self that I'd been suffocating with self-hate and fast food for most of my life.

As I cleaned up my diet and lifestyle, my intuition cleared up as well.

It told me to change jobs.

And then it told me to move to San Francisco.

It reminded me of my hidden passion to create music.

And now it's telling me to share everything I've learned with you.

Are you ready to finally love your body? Are you ready to discover what you are meant to do?

There is a reason you have dreams in your mind. They belong to you, they are you!

If you're ready to discover your true self and save the planet along the way, join my mailing list and stay tuned for my online course coming soon!


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